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Powerpoint Templates


Navy CEMC logo
Navy CEMC logo download options: 
White CEMC logo
White CEMC logo download options: 

Zoom Backgrounds


H1: Headline

Questrial, 50px, Main Idea

H2: Sub Headline

Questrial, 30px, divided subsection

H3: Sub title

Questrial, 20px, Footer title

H4: Callout

Open Sans Condensed, 33px

H5:Industry and university researchers

Open Sans Condensed, 26px

H6:Call to action Paragraph : sans serif typeface

Open Sans Condensed, 18px

p1: Body Copy, paragraph, It’s best used as a text face : serif typeface, Kepler 20px

p2: Callout, lead in : Serif typeface: Kepler 28px

p3:Small body copy, : sans serif typeface

What Every Electronics Engineer Needs to
What every electronics engineer needs to know about EMC Chambers
Got some work left to do.png
Got some work left to do
Iam feeling glorious.png
Iam feeling glorious
How to spend springtime.png
How to spend springtime
When summer does come.png
When summer does come
Already feels like fall.png
Already feels like fall
lets play outside.png
Let's play outside
Want to go home.png
Want to go home
How can I improve my drone photography.p
How can I improve my drone photography
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